November 23, 2022

Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Freedom of Speech and Assembly (civil rights attorneys)

The United States Constitution provides everyone with the right to ensure their essential freedoms, including the freedom of speech and assembly. However, sometimes these rights are assaulted by California politicians, the government, and the police. If you think your civil rights have been violated, you could have a civil case that results in compensation. 

Learn more below about how freedom of speech and assembly attorneys at Pointer & Buelna, LLP can help you. 

How Often Do Freedom of Speech And Assembly Violations Happen? 

The US has long been known worldwide for being committed to civil rights. Even though our country has an impressive record, much progress still needs to happen. Some of the rights you have in the US and California include: 

  • The freedom of speech, assembly, and religion
  • Procedural due process
  • Petition the government for a redress of grievances

The state and federal governments can limit some of your protected speech. Typical examples are time, place, and manner rules. It’s often in place when the government requires permits for rallies, demonstrations, and meetings. However, it cannot be denied to you because of what your speech contains. This is viewpoint discrimination and is against the US Constitution. 

If a civil rights protest goes from speech to action, the government is allowed to take action to limit the speech. For instance, while political protestors can gather and picket, they are not allowed to block access to a building or harass people. 

It can be challenging to know when the government has acted legally or not regarding the First Amendment. If you think your civil rights were violated, including the freedom of speech and assembly, you should talk to an attorney. 

What Can A Civil Rights Attorney Do For Me?

An Oakland civil rights attorney fights for equality and justice for every client. This means protecting the right to freedom of speech and assembly for men, women, and children, regardless of religion, race, or color. 

Your attorney will perform many tasks if they represent you in a civil rights case involving freedom of speech and assembly violations. First, they will research if the case against the police or authority has merit. They also will draft legal documents to support your case, fight for you in court if needed and try to settle the case. 

You may think about handling your freedom of speech and assembly case independently. However, most laypersons don’t know the many laws involved in protecting civil rights in California. Therefore, having a trained legal professional working with you is vital to safeguard your rights. 

Your civil claim will probably only succeed if you have a lawyer who knows this area’s complex federal and state laws. Most people who try to file a case don’t have a favorable outcome, leading to compensation. But your attorney offers the best chance. 

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