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 “Jeremy Southern should have been afforded every opportunity to live. Instead, video-tape of the incident showed a Sacramento Police Officer mercilessly shot Jeremy in the back as the unarmed 22 year-old was laying on the ground. The kill shot took his life and any hope he may have had to survive this deadly encounter.” 

– Adanté Pointer, Lawyers For The People 

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Jeremy Southern's Story

July 15, 2020 - A Tragic Encounter With Police

On July 15, 2020, City of Sacramento Police Officers confronted Jeremy Southern as he was walking at the Crossings Apartment Complex. The two officers reportedly believed Mr. Southern was involved in a shooting that had taken place at the apartment complex some time before. When the two Officers pointed their guns at Southern he pulled out a gun as well.


The two Officers pointed their guns at Southern and attempted to de-escalate the situation by using verbal persuasion. Although Jeremy pointed a gun at the Officers he never fired it or directed any verbal threats at the officers. Indeed, he continued to heed the Officers’ warnings that it did not have to end like this. 

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It Did Not Have To End Like This

The two Officers continued to de-escalate the situation until two other Sacramento Police Officers arrived toting semi-automatic high velocity rifles. Within mere seconds of arriving, one of the rifle toting officers fired a shot striking Jeremy in the chest. The impact of the gunshot caused Jeremy and the small handgun he was holding to hit the ground.


The gun tumbled away from Jeremy landing approximately 10 feet away and well out of his reach. Nevertheless, after Jeremy laid there on the ground, unarmed and bleeding out from a gunshot wound for several minutes, an officer fired a fatal round into Jeremy’s back just as he began to move.



Unnecessary & Unlawful


Mr. Buelna laments “the second shot was unnecessary and unlawful. Mr. Southern was critically injured, unarmed and in need of medical attention. Instead of safely bringing Mr. Southern into custody, officers chose to be judge, jury and executioner - killing him with an unnecessary second shot several minutes after he had been critically wounded and laying on the ground.” 

Mr. Southern never recovered from his injuries and he passed away leaving behind his grieving brother and only family member, Jimmy Southern, who brings suit on Jeremy’s behalf, since both were foster children and the only biological family they had. Jimmy, and a host of other family and community members demand the Officer that fired the second shot be identified, taken off the streets and criminally prosecuted.