Monk V. Santa Rita Jail

Santa Rita Jail Staff refused to provide Maurice Monk, who suffered mental illness, his medication despite pleas from his family to the jail after he was arrested and placed in custody for refusing to wear a mask on a public bus. 

Green V. San Jose

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against the City of San Jose For Shooting College Football Star After He Bravely Disarmed a Gunman

Bates V. Brentwood

Brentwood police unleashed their K-9 unit on 24-year-old Talmika Bates for simply running away. They stood by as the dog tore her scalp off, telling her she shouldn't run from police. 

McCoy v. Vallejo

Vallejo Officers shot and killed Bay Area Rapper Willie McCoy in his car. The officers are being sued for conspiring to kill minorities as part of a police gang that developed in the department that celebrated officer shootings and killing minorities in Vallejo. 

Russell v. CCSF

Brian Russell was housed in SF County Jail and denied adequate medical help which resulted in his death. He leaves behind a young son, a grieving family and a community that demands better from those we trust to look out and after our loved ones…

Bryant v. City of Berkeley

Vincent Bryant suffered from a mental health crisis and had tried to purchase food in a market when officers were called. Although officers had secured Mr. Bryant into a closed, isolated location, they failed to de-escalate and decided to ambush Mr. Bryant shooting him in the face causing permanent damage to his face and jaw.
BURRELL PHOTO_edited.jpg

Burrell v. City of Vallejo

Vallejo police held at gunpoint a motorcyclist in his cousin's driveway. When the cousin, Stanford Film Graduate Adrian Burrell, went onto his porch to film the interaction and intercede for his cousin's safety, the Vallejo Officer holstered his gun and attacked Mr. Burrell for filming him causing him a concussion. 

SaTae’zja Devereaux

Civil Rights Attorneys Adanté D. Pointer, Patrick Buelna, and Angel Alexander have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Bart Police Officers Karl Carpio, Casey Tyler, and Brian Lucas for brutally assaulting the then 22-year-old SaTae’zja Devereaux as she was commuting home from work on December 31, 2019.
Tovar Jr pic 1.jpg

David Tovar

David Tovar, Jr. was unarmed when he was shot by City of San Jose Police Officers and then mauled by a police dog as he lay on the ground taking his final breaths.
Jeremy Southern.png

Jeremy Southern 

A Sacramento Police Officer mercilessly shot Jeremy in the back as the unarmed 22 year-old was laying on the ground. 
Teenager wrongfully shot.jpeg

Teenager Wrongfully Shot By Hayward Police

Hayward Police shot a 17-year-old in the back in the midst of a Black Lives Matter protest.