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California Police Brutality Lawyers – Laws & Claims

Law enforcement officials represent an institution with a purpose of protecting and serving the community. In the United States, the majority of officers follow these standards, but there are police officers who abuse their power.
A statute known as Section 1983 is the civil rights law that protects victims of police misconduct. In California, Lawyers for the People fight for victims of police brutality and make sure police officers are held accountable.

Have You Been Victimized By Police?

Lawyers For The People represents clients who have been victimized by police brutality. If you have a potential claim or legal question, contact us here.

Examples Of Police Brutality Cases

The term “Police Brutality” represents a variety of abuses of power by police officers or police departments. The most common examples are cases involving:

Excessive Force & Violence

Our police brutality lawyers examine the actions taken against a person or group of people by a police officer. The primary question is were the actions considered excessive to the actions any reasonable officer would take. Common examples involve the use of:

  • Firearms – If an officer uses their firearm in a situation that did not warrant its use, and someone was hurt as a result, this could be grounds for a claim.
  • Batons – There are protocols in place for the proper use of batons by police officers. Examples of these protocols include no strikes to the head or stopping if an individual has been subdued. Potential excessive force injuries include concussion and broken bones.
  • Tasers – these devices can be very dangerous for people with heart conditions. The high voltage discharge from a taser can cause serious damage to the heart and its rhythm. Like a baton, police officers have to follow a strict protocol when using a taser.
  • Chokeholds – Recent events have highlighted the danger of chokeholds. With many departments banning them, victims of police chokeholds may have a legal claim.
  • Pepper Spray – A common deterrent used for crowd control, pepper spray can have damaging effects on the lungs. Excessive use would constitute use beyond the point that someone was subdued or showed signs of breathing trouble.

Racial Profiling

Many racial profiling legal cases involve a violation of a person’s 4th ammendment right against unlawful search and seizure. Another violation is against their 14th amendment right to due process. Police officers need to have observed a crime or have credible information to detain someone. Our law firm represents clients that have had their civil rights violated by racial profiling. If you have any questions about a potential claim, contact us here. We offer a free consultation.

Sexual Assault

Another abuse of power by police officers is through sexual misconduct. If an officer uses their power to force unwanted advances onto you, we recommend speaking with a civil rights attorney.
Sometimes these incidents are more subtle, where individuals were coerced into complying with unwanted advances by police officers. In these cases, we would still advise speaking with an attorney. Blackmail Police officers can use their status or power to blackmail individuals to avoid jail or other punishment. This is also a violation, and our firm can help individuals seek justice for it.

What Should You Do After Being Victimized By Police

Get Medical Attention (If Necessary)

If you have been injured by a police officer, we recommend seeing a doctor and getting on the path to recovery. Your health and wellbeing is the top priority. Another important reason is that a doctor can get your injuries documented, which will help you with your legal claim.

Gather Evidence & Information

In addition to documenting any injuries, you should begin gathering any evidence you can to help you build a case. If there were any witnesses, security camera footage, police reports – these can all help you build a stronger case.

Speak to a Police Brutality Lawyer

If you have any questions about how to move forward with a legal claim, we recommend speaking with an attorney. Lawyers For The People offers free legal advice. Contact us today if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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