July 4, 2024

What State Has the Worst Police Brutality?

So far in 2024, Montana law enforcement officers killed 7.38 people per million in their population, making it the worst state per capita for police violence. Other top states for per capita police violence are Wyoming with 5.2 per million, New Mexico with 4.72 per million, and Arizona with 3.78 per million. 

If we look simply at numbers, Texas law enforcement officers have killed 75 people so far this year. The other high-ranking states include California with 56 killings, Florida with 46, Arizona with 27, North Carolina with 23 killings, and Washington State with 22. 

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The Five Worst Cities for Police Brutality

Again, according to data, the five worst cities for police brutality in the United States are New York City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, and Chicago. These cities have recorded the largest number of instances where officers have shot and killed unarmed individuals without facing charges or being acquitted. The alarming statistics highlight the urgent need for citizens and organizations in these areas to demand justice—part of that includes filing official complaints and lawsuits against violent cops (discover how to do it here). As California lawyers handling police brutality cases almost exclusively, Pointer and Buelna is well-equipped to help.

The Cities with the Most Unarmed Black Individuals Killed by Police

The cities where police kill the most unarmed black people include New York City, Jacksonville, Chicago, Houston, Baltimore, and Phoenix. Again, these troubling statistics underscore the urgent need for comprehensive reform to address the systemic issues that perpetuate police brutality. Community members must come together to demand change and hold their elected officials accountable for implementing proactive measures that protect the rights and lives of all individuals, particularly Black people.

Police Brutality is Pervasive Across the United States

While certain cities and states are infamous for their police brutality, the fact remains that this problem affects communities nationwide, just like we explain how affects society in this blog. Very few cities have zero instances of police killings, highlighting the pressing need for systemic change and increased scrutiny of law enforcement practices. Everyone should feel safe if they encounter officers while walking down the street or driving.

The Role of Attorneys in Police Brutality Cases

In the face of police brutality, you are going up against the “the code of silence” and the “thin blue line.”  You need an aggressive lawyer in your corner to be taken seriously and have a real chance of fighting against an often biased system. A savvy, reputable California police brutality lawyer can provide individuals with the knowledge and experience necessary to take a stand against police misconduct and advocate for citizens’ rights. 

California Police Brutality Lawyer: Seeking Justice for Victims

Now that you know what state has the worst police brutality, remember we are here to help if you or a loved one has experienced police brutality in California, Pointer & Buelna’s hard-working team of California police brutality lawyers is committed to advocating for victims of law enforcement violence. We provide comprehensive legal support, guiding clients through every step of the legal process and fighting tirelessly for justice.

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