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In catastrophic accidents where someone lost their life due to the negligence of a person or entity, our firm represents clients that seek justice for their loved ones. In these wrongful death cases, the most important factor is experience. You want a lawyer that has worked closely with families in their time of need, and knows how to handle these cases with extreme care.


Lawyers For The People has experience in several wrongful death cases. Our attorneys have been there to answer any questions that our potential clients or their families have had after the death of a loved one. Anytime, anywhere - that’s our philosophy when handling these cases.


Have You Lost A Loved One Due To The Negligence Of Another Person/Entity?

Lawyers For The People represents clients who have lost ones due to someone else's negligence. If you have a potential claim or legal question, contact us here.

Examples Of Wrongful Death Cases

Police Brutality


An institution with the purpose of serving and protecting people, we have handled many cases where a police officer’s misconduct or negligence led to a family losing a loved one. We have helped clients seek punitive damages against these police officers. Common police brutality cases resulted in a wrongful death claim are:


Police Shootings - There are strict protocols for when a police officer can use their weapon in the line of duty. If an officer did not follow these rules, they could be tried in criminal court, while the surviving family members could seek compensation in civil court. Our wrongful death lawyers know every protocol, and can help answer any questions regarding a potential case.


Police Chokeholds - A highly dangerous practice that has the potential to seriously injure or kill someone, police chokeholds are being banned across the country.


Car Accidents


Our law firm has handled wrongful death cases involving car accidents where the deceased person’s family was able to seek justice on their behalf. The main questions we ask clients about the details of these cases are:


Who was the at-fault party? - California is considered a fault state, so you must prove that the other party was at fault to have a potential wrongful death claim.


Was the at-fault party a local, state or federal government entity? - The statute of limitations for a wrongful death car accident case in California is 2 years from the date of loss. If the involved party was a government entity, the statute of limitations is only 6 months from the date of loss.


Jail/Prison Suicide


While prison guards are not expected to prevent every possible suicide, they are expected to properly screen inmates for any mental health issues or suicide risk. If an inmate has shown signs of mental illness or is at-risk for commiting suicide, and they are neglected by prison staff, the prison could be liable for their suicide. 


What Should You Do If A Loved One Lost Their Life Due To The Negligence Of Another Individual/Entity?


Who Can File A Claim?


In California, only certain individuals are allowed to file a wrongful death claim. The parties that are allowed to bring a wrongful death claim are the deceased person’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, or surviving children.


If no descendent exists, a wrongful death claim can be brought by a person who would be entitled to the property of the deceased by intestate succession. These parties include parents of the deceased or their siblings, depending on who is living at the time.


If they can prove financial dependence, other individuals that can file a wrongful death claim are a putative spouse and their children, or any stepchildren.


Gather Evidence & Information

Before speaking with a personal injury lawyer about the loss of a loved one, we recommend collecting as much information about the case as you can. Any police reports, medical records, or witness contact information will be very helpful for your case.


Speak to a Lawyer


For wrongful death claims, we recommend speaking with a civil rights lawyer that has experience with these types of cases. They will be able to help you work with insurance companies and bring your case to trial, if need be.


At Lawyers For The People, we know that for those that have lost a loved one, the compensation recovered after a successful wrongful death claim won’t make their loss any less painful, but we represent clients who have experienced these tragic events because we want to help them heal.