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“Mr. K’aun Green is a hero! He saved his life and the life of everyone else

in that restaurant. Sadly, the police poorly responded and overreacted to simply seeing a black man holding a gun which resulted in K’aun paying the price for the police officer’s rash decision with his blood.”

Adanté Pointer, Lawyers For The People 

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Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against the City of San Jose For Shooting College Football Star After He Bravely Disarmed a Gunman


San Jose, CA - On March 27, 2022, Mr. Green and his friends were waiting for their food order when an unknown man approached Mr. Green and instigated a fight. The verbal confrontation turned physical when the man punched Mr. Green in the face. The two men began to wrestle and fell to the ground. One of the assailant’s friends pulled a gun and pointed it at K’aun’s head. Mr. Green sprang into action, disarmed the gunman, and continued to fight off the repeated attempts to take the gun back.

Police arrived on the scene just as K’aun was inching backwards through the restaurant’s front door. He had his back to the assembled officers and was holding the gun above his head, in his left hand with the barrel of the gun pointed towards the sky. Then without warning or giving him a reasonable time to acknowledge the officers’ presence and/or respond to any commands, a single officer opened fire, striking K’aun four times in the left leg, arm, and abdomen. No other officer fired their gun.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the Police treated K’aun like a criminal. They left him handcuffed to his hospital bed and prevented him from contacting his family even though they had videotape and witness statements that proved he was not a criminal but in fact a hero! Eventually, police released him from custody without pursuing any criminal charges against him.


Patrick Buelna laments, “it’s sad how the police treated K’aun like a heinous criminal and not like the hero he is. The Police should have been thanking him for his acts of bravery; instead they repaid him in bullets.”


San Jose Police have yet to release the recovered surveillance videos and officer body worn camera footage to the public. Attorney Angel Alexander comments, “the police have a duty to be transparent. In order to meet that duty, the police must release all the videos and not a highly edited self-serving selection of pictures and videos.”