Treva R. Stewart

Treva R. Stewart Senior Attorney, Chair of Personal Injury

Treva R. Stewart was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca. At a very young age she learned that she stood on the shoulders of giants: a great grandmother one generation removed from slavery who became a property owner and respected leader of her community; a grandmother who earned a nursing degree in the 1930s; and her own mother who left Louisiana as a 21-year-old widowed mother of two, in pursuit of opportunity and a better life for herself and her children. Treva’s mother, the most influential person in her life, instilled in her the necessity and value of education and the responsibility of every human being to help those in need.

For as long as she can remember, Treva wanted to be a lawyer. She recalls watching reruns of Perry Mason and Matlock and being fascinated with how they were always able to extract the truth and secure a successful outcome. These shows planted the seeds of advocacy through the law in Treva’s mind and heart.

After completing her undergraduate studies at San Francisco State University, Treva considered many paths, including joining the Peace Corps, graduate school and law school. She opted for graduate school at the Atlanta University School of Social Work. However, Treva was forced to return home before finishing the program due to health issues. Treva began working as a claims representative at a national commercial insurance company. She went on to work for two other major insurance carriers for several years as a claims representative and as a supervisor.

Eventually, at the encouragement of her mother, Treva answered the her call in life – to become a lawyer. Treva applied to and was accepted at Golden Gate School of Law as a full time student. Concerned about repeated stories of wrongful convictions of men of color, Treva earned a position in the Innocence Project Clinic at GGU, where she worked to help exonerate clients of the clinic. Throughout her law school years, Treva worked full time and fulfilled her responsibilities as a mother to three young children. With the support of her family, and many answered prayers, Treva passed the Bar on her first attempt.

Since receiving her law license, Treva has had the fortune to have a myriad of experiences which have contributed to the litigator she is today. She has represented both plaintiffs and defendants with regards to personal injury matters, as well as the public in the pursuit of justice against errant attorneys. Treva understands and believes that it is her personal responsibility to utilize her gifts and talents to give a voice and a platform to those who have suffered a personal injury due to the neglect of another and to those who sadly, have been victimized, brutalized, disrespected, and disregarded by the very members of society who pledged to protect and serve them.

Treva is honored and proud to be a part of team Pointer and Buelna, a Lawyer for the People. Like every attorney and staff member at Pointer and Buelna, Treva is committed and dedicated to ensuring that each and every client of the firm is heard, understood, and respected and receives the best representation possible.



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“Law interested me because I always saw it as being a tool to equalize society so that the West Oaklands of the world could have the resources like the Piedmonts or Beverly Hills of the world.”

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